Data Science & Engineering

The world is full of data. With the change to 5G, Global New Tech joins the profound mission mastery with custom-made scientific frameworks to transform the 5G data into valuable knowledge and insights for our customers to make the world more secure, better, and more proficient.

Data Analytics

Global New Tech experts analyze large, multimedia data sets to improve import and strategic approaches for our customers.

Artificial Intelligence & ML

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings with it a promise of genuine human-to-machine interaction. When machines become intelligent, they can understand requests, connect data points and draw conclusions. They can reason, observe and plan for the future.

Data Visualization

Our clients' work requests brisk choices. Our data visualization work guarantees they can make sense of their data quickly and make the correct decision.

Data Engineering

Data comes in a multitude of forms. Our data engineers help customers transform their data into useable formats to glean game changing insights.

  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • MS SQL Server